Are you planning on building a bigger
and   more profitable business in 2018?

December 5 - 8, 2017

Join me and 20+ Kick-Ass women making serious traction in their businesses...

... and discover why they seek business-based friendships, where their friendships are formed and how they function to  raise each other up and support one another as they pursue their goals

Welcome to the BizBFF Summit!

the BizBFF Summit   is for every woman who is ready to make business in 2018 bigger and better than any year before.


Now is your time to take action, dig deep, and surround ourselves with the best inner circle of female business owners!

Featuring conversations with women seen on:

behind the boss mask
social media marketing world
business boutique
Business Among Moms
usa today
Huffington Post
Business Heroine Magazine
mind your business podcast
the savvy community
female entrepreneur association
mom talk radio
Business Rocks Magazine

Here's a sneak peek at what you get when you claim your free ticket to    the BizBFF Summit

I’ve brought together over 20 world-class inspiring female entrepreneurs to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to step up and RUN a successful business.

the BizBFF Summit  was designed to provide you with inspiration and guidance to create your inner circle of biz besties (even if you’re just starting out).

In each conversation we share proven avenues to be in business by yourself while surrounding yourself with the best collection of women to support you, inspire you, congratulate you, brainstorm with you, motivate you and care about you and your business.

This exclusive online event will radically change your business friendships FOREVER. Are you in?

Some of the topics we are covering are

  • In Person Masterminds

  • Online Masterminds

  • Free Facebook Groups

  • Accountability Partners

  • Conferences

  • Business Incubators

  • Retreats

  • "Paid" Facebook Groups

  • Business Partners

  • Mindset & Mindfulness

  • Meetups

  • Networking Events

  • Business Portability

  • Virtual Coffee Chats

  • Mentors

Presenting our Amazing Speakers :


Natalie Eckdahl

Biz Chix
Mom to 3, Business Strategist and High Performance Coach who helps high-achieving women entrepreneurs across industries and time zones build, grow and scale their business while avoiding overwhelm.

Anna Fransden

The Heart Centered Entrepreneur
A heart-centered business coach, lover of green tea, postcard mailer, mama to two and radical optimist.

Maggie Giele

Maggie Giele Digital Strategy
An award-winning strategist with a Master’s of Science in Marketing, a Bachelor’s in International Business, and results. Maggie resides in Amsterdam with her husband and their dog Frodo.

Danielle Liss

Hashtag Legal
Danielle Liss is mom to a dinosaur-loving boy and a partner at both Hashtag Legal and Businessese. Her practice focuses on helping influencers and small business owners with the legal side of their business, so they can concentrate on their passions.

Abbey Fatica
A mom, wife, author, success coach, professional network marketer, leader, entrepreneur, sister, friend, all while empowering others to say YES to themselves!
JessiHonard - MarieParks

Jessi Honard & Marie Parks

North Star Messaging + Strategy
Jessi + Marie are copywriters and strategists who have helped entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and major universities discover, develop, and maintain a consistent brand voice.

Drina Yoshihara

Yoga + Mindfulness Coach
Mom to 5 and a Self-Love advocate/mentor, a pre+post natal yoga instructor, an Intuitive Reiki practitioner, a Crystal healer & a photographer.

Tracey Warren

InSpark Coworking
A mom, social media super hero and owner of InSpark Coworking. She teaches entrepreneurs how to shine online, or when they decide it’s not their genius, they hire me to do it for them. That gives them freedom to spend their time growing their business while their reputation is still growing online!

Julie Fry

Business Among Moms
Chief Mom Officer at Business Among Moms and mom to two. Julie's job is to create community-building events for women to connect, build relationships and learn about new tools and resources for their businesses.

Meredith Elliott

The Milton Schoolhouse
Starry-eyed and fresh out of college, Meredith decided to make a career out of helping others discover the joy and freedom of working for themselves. So, she took the next logical step: she bought an abandoned 85,000 sq ft schoolhouse in a post-industrial, economically depressed town on the Mississippi River. Meredith has helped over two dozen local businesses get off the ground.

Jenny Melrose

The Melrose Family
Jenny has two daughters and is a former reading specialist who “retired” from her teaching career when her blogging income far exceeded her salary. She’s combining her passion for teaching with her extensive experience working with brands to help other bloggers grow their businesses.

Kristy Fassio

Fit From Within, LLC
Kristy Fassio is a mom of 3, AFAA certified personal trainer, and a Body Trust Provider. She believes movement should be joyful, life should be lived wholeheartedly, and that self-care is inescapable.

Stephanie Williamson

Steph Will Inspire, LLC
Steph's journey toward healing and self-discovery began through the field of health and fitness. I transformed my body, fell in love, and began teaching others as a Personal Trainer. From there, Steph moved into a career as a professional life coach, speaker, leader, and overall badass. With tenacity and a fail-forward approach, she is not waiting around for her dreams to happen. she makes them happen. And I’m here to empower you to do the same.

Stephani Roberts

Stephani Roberts Digital
Mom of 2 with over 20 years experience online, she launched her first podcast in 2015 and jumped into live streaming soon after, Steph was amazed by the power of both mediums to connect to followers in a highly personal and intimate way. Steph made it her mission to help women find the confidence so they can reap the financial benefits for their business and enjoy the spark that comes from creating a platform and putting yourself out there

Erin Zimmerman

Elephant Social
She helps business owners and laypeople alike get your message out into the world in an ELEPHANT-sized way! Because we ALL have a genius inside of us that, when released, will change at LEAST one person's life. She is the queen of bringing ease and flow to the hustle, making vulnerability FUN!

Elena Lipson

Divine Self-Care Mentor
The creator The Divine Self-Care Circle, The Virtual Retreat Academy, and the Meditations and Musings Podcast. Elena resides in the Pacific Northwest with her amazing husband, zen kiddo and sweet-soul pup Chi-Chi.

Kate McCarthy

Kate K. McCarthy, LLC
A brand voice mentor for creative entrepreneurs. She's been called a voice doula and a fairy godmother for your words, but - whatever the title - her job is to help you infuse who you are into how you show up in the world.

Becky Mollenkamp

Becky Mollenkamp, LLC
A mom and business mentor for creative entrepreneurs who get stuck in their own heads and need a little push to level up. In her 10-week Own It, Crush It program, she helps business owners get the confidence and clarity they need to make big changes.
Amber and Maelisa

Maelisa Hall & Amber Hawley

My Biz Bestie Podcast
Dr. Maelisa Hall is a licensed psychologist, ENFP and leadership consultant.
Amber Hawley is the owner of Fremont Counseling Services and a licensed marriage and family therapist.
After joining an online book club, Maelisa and Amber along with some colleagues decided to hold an annual business retreat they all hosted together. This is where they met one another for the first time and forged many life-long business friends.
Together they started their podcast, My Biz Bestie, which helps other female biz owners find their support system and gives tips for making the most of your biz bestie relationship.

Heather Christian

Heather in a Hat
A mom and a freelancer, coach, writer, and speaker who helps busy entrepreneurs build systems to have the confidence, time and energy to start and grow their side hustle without stress, all-nighters or spending all day on social media.
Laura Petersen and Melissa Tucker

Laura Petersen & Melissa Tucker

Laura Petersen is a tall math and psychology teacher turned entrepreneur who’s taken lessons learned from a successful tutoring and test prep company to grow in the content marketing world as a podcaster, international speaker, #1 international best-selling author, and course creator. Melissa Tucker is a podcaster and is working with her husband to bring his successful Intellectual Property Management & Enforcement (offline) consulting business, online. Melissa and Laura are BizBFFs.

Alexa Bigwarfe

Write, Publish, Sell
A mother to 3 wildlings, author, publisher, writer-entrepreneur, and podcaster.

Kate Ahl

Simple Pin Media
A mom with a goal to help everyone find a way to make Pinterest work for them. She aims to teach actionable, simple steps that help business owners move forward successfully instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Emma Weise

Fresh Sage
A mom, B&B owner and creator of brand experiences,. Emma has a deep passion for creating a visual representation of your vision and business. Emma is based out of Stutterheim, South Africa.

JoEllen Nordstrom

First Editing
Digital Nomad and business owner. JoEllen has curated a team of editors (all with a ton of experience) to edit all types of written works. Jo is speaking alongside Deanna

Deanna Marie

Health Insurance Advisor
Digital Nomad and eBook author. Deanna is speaking alongside JoEllen

The only online conference of its kind!

Our 20+ amazing business women share how they have formed masterminds, found their BizBFF, created an inner circle of accountability and support online and offline.


Get unlimited 48 hour access to these exclusive expert sessions for free.

Why you should attend the BizBFF Summit

Get real world tips and inspirational ideas to launch your inner circle so that you can truly build the business you desire.

Our team of hand-picked expert business women will inspire you to connect with kick-ass women who will have your back, support, guide, motivate and help keep you on track.

Meet your future BizBFF in the Private Facebook group exclusively for summit attendees.

With the holidays approaching, and 2018 on the horizon, now is the perfect time to build strategic relationships with amazing women.

No matter what stage you're at in business, now is a perfect time to build your inner circle and plan for the future.

Do you want to learn from   female entrepreneurs &   business owners how they've filled a sacred space in their busy lives for an inner circle of inspiration, motivation and support?

Then, click the button below and JOIN US!

Answers to your Most Pressing Questions

What is the BizBFF Summit?

the BizBFF Summit is an online event featuring 20+ world-class female entrepreneurs & business owners.

You'll learn how these amazing business women have climbed on the shoulders of giants while lending an ear of support at the same time. In other words, if you want to take your business to the next level, register for this EPIC online event.

Who should attend the summit?

No matter where you are in your business growth, you’ll find valuable content among our 20+ female business owners.

If you’re just starting out… you’ll get SPECIFIC advice as to how to gain value and accountability from other women (without breaking the bank!)

If you have a business but you’re struggling to get to the next level... you'll meet women who are craving the same growth as you are.

There is truly something for everyone inside the BizBFF Summit — and you'll be amazed at the nuggets of wisdom shared by every one of the kick-ass women featured here!

Where is this event located? Do I have to travel?

Nope, it’s 100% virtual! You can attend wherever you are.

Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. You can watch anywhere with an internet connection.

the BizBFF Summit is designed to provide powerful content you can consume in a way that works for your life.

How do I watch the sessions?

Once you claim your free ticket, you will receive emails with links directly to each day's sessions. These links will also be posted in the Private Facebook group exclusively for summit attendees.

You’ll be able to view the sessions on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

I can't attend all the sessions, will recordings be available?

Each session will be available for free for 48 hours. We will be publishing sessions each day (December 5 - 8) at 9am Pacific.

Watch anytime at your convenience during those 48 hours, or you can purchase the BizBFF Summit conversation series to get LIFETIME ACCESS to all the sessions, as well as exclusive bonus resources!

Meet Your Host

Jaime Slutzky

Hi, I'm Jaime and I'm a techie.


I have been producing virtual summits for clients for a couple of years and love every minute of it. I think this format of content delivery is fun, impactful and dynamic!


So much so, that I wanted to get out from behind the keyboard and host one for my peers. This summit has come together with the support of my inner circle, family and friends.


I have spent countless hours (and threw in bonus hours while my younger daughter has been at gymnastics practice) creating and tweaking the content and delivery just for you. Please click the button below to let me know that you're in! We're starting to chat it up inside the Private Facebook Group and I cannot wait to meet you on the inside!


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